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Spears Ranch with the 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure is located at Texas where we offer high quality Cutting & Reining Quarter Horse Prospects For Sale!

Our Mares have been carefully selected with the 'close up' breeding to be able to produce an athlete deluxe!


Our Cutting Stallions we proudly stand to the public include....
Mr. Peppy Preppy (Dual Peppy x Angel Doc x Docs Budha) who has already proven himself in the performance arena and Horses on a Trampoline

Stylish San Badger (Haidas San Badger x Stylish Carmela x Docs Stylish Oak). Offspring are also available!

The Stallions

Our 'barn' is always open and the welcome mat out! Come on in!

Be sure to see our Horsin' Around page for fun photos and more information!

Winter Storage for Your Jumpking 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure and Latter

Owners of the larger style horse 10ft trampoline will undoubtedly house them out of doors or perhaps inside an outdoor building. Leaving the apparatus outside during the winter months is something that has to be avoided because our inclement weather is going to devastate the trampoline pads as well as other parts of the unit.

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You need to adopt a little foresight when it comes to storage of your 10ft trampoline with enclosure from Jumpster for the winter and the early months of spring when it can still be rather wet. Your equipment has to get through these months in one piece. The possibility exists of course that a large number of us are without a large enough secure storage area to house our trampoline except of course if it is mini trampoline. None of us are really keen on taking the entire apparatus apart and then storing it away. If we fail to find a storage area for it then we are asking for trouble and will probably result in the necessity to buy new parts when spring arrives to make certain our trampoline will continue working.

Your trampoline for your horse can be stored where it is in situ but you will obviously need to buy a cover for it. Cost wise this can be very effective as covers for trampolines are far less expensive than a few years ago. Top range covers will cost you much less than you might believe they will and they will enable you to protect your apparatus from the water and frost during the inclement part of the year. Your trampoline and its pads will remain dry throughout and providing you have some good ties for attachment to it the frame will also have adequate protection.

Storing your trampoline in a building would of course be the ultimate way of ensuring the trampoline pads remain dry as well as everything else however how many of us actually have sufficient space to allow this. The garage would be ideal but nowadays there is never enough room for the car with many of us using this are for you back-up freezers and washing machines. Anyway even if such storage space was available we still need to make certain the area is completely dry with no moisture around and that rodents and other creatures are kept away from our toy.

So, whatever happens with your trampoline during the winter and early spring at least ensure that the trampoline pads are kept well away from all weathers. If necessary take everything, apart from the steel frame, and store them very securely.

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